2B Safe a division of Hung Hao Holdings, Inc.
                           2B Safe      a division of Hung Hao Holdings, Inc.

 The OSHA General Duty Clause requires businesses to maintain a safe workplace and a safe place for customers & clients. If violence occurs without your company previously attempting to improve safety provides grounds for OSHA fines up to $250,000 and for civil lawsuits that could cost millions.


          It is not necessary to implement all possible improvements at once. They can be scheduled over a year or more depending on cost. However, a safety & security inspection needs to be done once per year and training should be done at least once per year.


          2BSafe specializes in small & smaller medium sized businesses in the S. Palm Beach, Broward and N. Miami-Dade counties. We are designed to be cost effective; some of our recommendations to make your business safer cost less than $1!


          Some types of businesses are more prone to potential violence than others. Those in the Healthcare field are at the top: Hospitals, Doctors offices, Pharmacies, Medical Testing facilities, Nursing Homes, short & long term care facilities and even Spas and Massage Therapy establishments.  Next come Law firms, Accountants, Property Managers and Real Estate offices, Realtors and Real Estate Sales people.

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Reflex Protect Trifold brochure
Reflex Protect Trifold brochure
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