2B Safe a division of Hung Hao Holdings, Inc.
                           2B Safe      a division of Hung Hao Holdings, Inc.

NRA Certified Instructor - Basic Pistol 

This certification allows me to teach the Florida Concealed Carry Permit Class.


Certified Teacher of Workplace Violence &
Active Shooter Prevention & Response. 
Reflex Protect ISR.
The best non lethal self defense tool now has reduced pricing!
Go to https://reflexprotect.com/  Unlike pepper sprays that can blow back in your face if used outdoors, Reflex Protect is a sticky gel that doesn't spread. Indoors, it doesn't contaminate your A/C, carpet, furniture, clothing etc. like pepper spray. Useful in your home, your business and to carry in your purse. You must be 18 to purchase in Florida. Not for sale in some states and areas. Easy to use, it has sights so you can aim the stream of gel, up to 15 feet. 3 sizes, 2.5oz. 5 oz. and 1.9 oz. The two larger sizes are for law enforcement use only, due to Florida law, the 1.9 oz size is for civilian use. Also available from Amazon.com.